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I’ll be updating this page occasionally with little thumbnails/summaries of published work I’ve somehow managed to do. If you’re a weirdo and would like to read the full piece, email me at psull83 at gmail and I can send along the PDF. Thanks.

Online interviews for Swallows&Daggers

JpovI’ve done a few solid little Q+As for good guy Cian who runs S+D and I plan to do more. Swallows&Daggers is a really fun site that’s motivated by a pure love of traditional and neo-traditional style tattoos.

I’ve always loved straight up Q+As because you get to read it in their own words. Follow ye links to: Joe Truck, Andy Perez, John Poverty.


Tattoo Master, King’s Avenue feature, August 2010 No. 9 (12 pgs.)

From the outside, King’s Avenue looks to be just another building in another small strip of retail space in suburban Massapequa, Long Island.But it’s here, in his hometown, that Mike Rubendall has gathered the incredibly talented crew of Grez, Justin Weatherholtz, Matt Beckerich and Brian Paul…

Musink Event Program, April 2010

Includes mini-profiles on tattooers Oliver Peck, Bob Tyrell, Corey Miller, Juan Puente and Black Heart Tattoo crew. Band bios for The Used, Lucero, Old 97’s, Roger Alan Wade and Shooter Jennings.

Inked, March 2010, Stanley Moskowitz

The forefather of New York City tattooing explains how to keep order in a shop. Hint: It involved a ball-peen hammer.

Let’s start with your father, Willie Moskowitz. He owned a barbershop, right?

He was a machinist first, but he got his finger cut in half and figured, “Ah, lemme get a job that’s cleaner.” So he went to barber school and he became a barber. And there was other barbers around and they used to put things in his lock so he couldn’t open the store up…

Inked, January 2010, “Welcome to the Future: Five Ways Technology is Changing the World of Tattooing Forever.” (6 pgs.)

Tattoos are designed for permanence and the technology behind them is in no hurry to change either. For more than a century, the basic setup to put ink in the skin of sailors, soldiers, and other skin art fans has been tweaked and fine-tuned while never deviating too far from the original design. After all, tattoo artists aren’t known for chasing the next big thing…

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