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Don’t eat the pan

October 28, 2011

Well, found some old books of mine and went through and salvaged what I thought worth salvaging. Funny enough, it’s mostly drawings and not much writing. Go figure. Not much of a writer and even less of an artist. The best thing is definitely the note my grandma left on what was probably a pan of brownies in the fridge. No idea when that’s from, at least five or six years ago. Most of this stuff is pretty old! And I was obviously buying a fair share of tattoo magazines there for a minute.


Dreaming in America

October 25, 2011

I’m always ambivalent about posting tattoos online, but at this point, I’ve already put up the first phase a few months ago, so I figured what the hell, I might as well post the finished product.

Also, like most tattooers who have a specific style, Mr. B. H. Robinson is often imitated and always imitated poorly. So if part of the worry is someone trying to make a bad copy (inevitable, no matter who you are), I’m pretty comfortable that the ripped off version wouldn’t even come close. Go ahead, put a bunch of gray in there, see what happens..

There’s a skull under there, too, but it was a tough shot to get with the shine on the shin due to the light. The few of you that check this thing, I know you are familiar with his work, but if you’re not, give Bailey’s blog a look here. Can’t wait to add to this guy. Thank you again, Bailey.

I don’t wanna be buried

October 15, 2011

Pet Sematary is on AMC at the moment.

I’ve been pretty terrible at updating this thing. Found a bunch of fun stuff from some old journals of mine, so I’ll probably ’em scanned at some point and you can make fun of my little drawings.

Gettin’ hitched in 3 weeks, suckers!

Hurly burly

September 27, 2011

Completely forgot about the new Mastodon album! Out today, I think. Hopefully get it before work!


Hahahaa also, why are Mastodon shirts always so good?

To-do list for Saturdays

September 26, 2011

1. Drive to Philly for this with a buddy.

2. Arrive and get second wind.

3. Eat catfish po boy and drink Abita for lunch.

4. Remark how weird it is that the wife is in NOLA and you’re sitting in a NOLA-themed bar.

5. Walk to event, talk shit on various subjects

6. Remark on aggressive paatdown and “No moshing” sign.

7. Make simultaneous dad noises as you sit down after buying the first $7 beer of the day.

8. Don’t feel all that bad about spending $7 a beer at the “punk rock show.”

9. Get a proverbial slap in the face from 7 Seconds.

10. Note that the crowd may be the only decent and positive crowd left on the east coast.

11. Catch roughly your sixth second wind of the day.

12. See Suicide Machines and basically ride a wave of teenage euphoria for rest of day.

13. Sweat off all beers consumed thus far for next 4 minutes.

14. Fuck it, buy some merch. Remember aforementioned wave.

15. Feel bad for the first time that the wife couldn’t come.

16. Quickly remember she is currently livin’ it up in New Orleans.

17. Remark how X basically destroyed everyone else so far, save TSMs.

18. Have awesome and hilarious time during Descendents set.

19. Remember the pudgy Adicts-clad kid who really wanted to talk about motorcycles and how he was “overtaken” by a small gang of Pagans that said he was all right and bought him a shot of tequila after he told them in shouts and stomps that he could never be in any MC because he’s not good at taking directions and would stomp any motherfucker. And how it looked like he would attempt a makeout at any moment.

20. Trudge back to car.

21. Talk shit on aging frat boys in douchey bar on the corner.

22. Eat at all night diner around the corner.

23. Catch another wind.

24. Order cheeseburger deluxe and drink some coffees.

25. Say “mugmugmug” (in your head) when you drink your coffee.

26. Talk about how much your body hurt before the show even started anyway. *Reference aforementioned synchronized dad noises made at the start of the event.

27. Listen to Dismemberment Plan, Built to Spill and Ben Nichols on drive home.

28. Fart the whole time.

29. Do not attempt to do the math on the $7 beers.

30. Talk shit on Williamsburg.

31. Park, check mail and carry up more wedding RSVPs.

32. Receive picture message of wife “backing that thang up” in NOLA.

33. Resist going to bed around 3.

Real youuu

September 25, 2011

This album was so important to me (wow,) more than ten years ago and it kinda came outta nowhere that apparently it still is! Such a good show, more on it later. And stoked to check out the 2005 album that apparently kinda kills. For now..

Sioux City, Sarsparilla?

September 12, 2011

My stupid bearded face can now be found at High Horse Saloon on Havemeyer and Hope, most days ’til 10. If you ask me for a cocktail list or fresh squeezed lemonade, I’ll throw you right out the front door.

Photo by Sarah Law! Who was in shooting for a project I don’t know the website of. (Of which I don’t know the website, whatever.) But it’s a great project where they record on an old acetate recorder and make records and film it.

I am taking this time ’til the wedding to work at the bar, make some cash, drink some beers and listen to what the what is trying to tell me. Come hang out, I promise I won’t talk about the universe.