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Have you seen my stapler?

January 5, 2012

Not writing has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time. After getting laid off a while back and trudging through job listings on mediabistro or craigslist or wherever, I realized that in 2007 I’d left one job that was just a job (bartending) for another job that was just a job (copywriting) under the assumption that I was making “moves” for that nebulous thing many of us like to refer to as a career.

The whole idea of a career is pretty brand new for us humans. And even though they can make countless movies about mid-life epiphanies where you dismantle your cubicle and arson up your entire office because none of it makes any sense and all of it’s pointless, the message still seems to get lost that every single job you have will suck. Because we’re not made for it and deep down our souls are screaming at us to stop working for a paycheck just so we can buy more stuff and be a little more comfortable in our designer jeans or floppy combat boots or mustache or whatever the thing to do is. Unless you actually like what you’re doing.

I’m about in the middle. I’m back behind the bar on occasion and I’ve realized that I actually like it and would have no problem running the place. I’ve had a couple ideas kicking around upstairs but I’m only at the stage to start exploring them little by little, instead of making any big leaps. But realization number one: it’s okay to be back at the bar. And it’s also awesome.

All of this is to say, I’m ok where I’m at and it took a long ass time to get here. It’s tough though, since everything around us is telling us to go nuts and keep fighting for those swanky jobs so you can tell people you have a swanky job. Not that I was ever in the running for any kind of swanky job. Especially when I refuse to learn any sort of html or graphic design or pretty much anything you’re gonna need to know how to do on a computer in order to get a well-paying job.

It’s funny when people ask me, “So, what else do you do?” Right now? Nothing. But thanks for insulting me in a round about way. Our own personal timelines have nothing to do with the tracks that most of us are on. And it’s almost painfully difficult to extract yourself from that and start trying to follow that road that you can just barely see in the distance of your own mind. And it’s kind of funny that I had nothing to do with extracting myself from the day-to-day of the ol’ day job. Go figure.

In the meantime, you can all come by High Horse Saloon on Havemeyer and Hope and ask me what else I do. Happy 2012, jerks!


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