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Gypsy Gentleman

July 15, 2011



Marcus Kuhn’s video project on traveling and tattooers, The Gypsy Gentleman. I watched the first 30-minute episode last night, and everyone who said “Stop talking about TLC, stop going nuts, you’re just giving them more power,” were absolutely right.

This should be the response. This should be the well-crafted answer to their shit show shitshow.. Beautifully done and exceedingly inspiring for us lay people so I can only imagine that it’s even more positive for you tattooers. This first episode is set in New York and features Virginia Elwood and Thomas Hooper, two devastatingly talented and very different tattooers. I’ve been an admirer of both of their work for some time now and you can bet they’re on my list.

Ten thousand thank yous to Marcus Kuhn and for everyone involved. (I was extra pumped to hear Ben Nichols/Lucero throughout the soundtrack.) I truly hope this sets a new bar and makes me believe in the value of honesty, hard work and allowing your passion to essentially speak for itself. Thank you, Marcus.

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