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Two ears, one mouth.

July 14, 2011

Omi! by the exceedingly talented Grez.

All right, good people, I did an interview last year with the very talented Grez from King’s Avenue. The magazine in which it appeared only published a very abbreviated version and, after talking with the great folks at LST and getting permission from Grez to post it, I thought Last Sparrow would be a good place to share the full version.

You can find it here. (Though I had to split it up into a couple posts because it was too long, so part 2 will be forthcoming.)

Since it is somewhat dated and a portion of it already appeared, most magazines wouldn’t be interested. And since I’ve shelved the book project for now, was just looking for a kind of free and open place to share. It’s not quite as exciting as a video interview, I know, but it’s a good read and there are some great pieces of advice in here. LST is a great forum, and Scott has done some awesome one-on-one video interviews with some pretty fantastic tattooers, like Juan Puente, Freddy Corbin, Kore Flatmo, et al.

ALSO, don’t forget to check the new(ish) King’s Ave blog!
Hope you enjoy, P.

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