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July 8, 2011

Whole new level here, though I don’t know why anyone’s surprised. Shame on TLC, not only for taking what tattooers have dedicated their entire lives to learning, living, sleeping and breathing, but for continuing to actively misrepresent the tattoo industry and community. And for creating an entire legion of idiots who think they can pick up a “tat gun” and scribble away a sexy lion face on their friends.

You’re taking food off of tables and you’re creating an ever-growing number of problems, not the least of which is in regards to health and safety hazards. When tattooing becomes illegal again –– and, by God, I almost wish it was –– we’ll all have greedy TV network execs who obviously never gave a shit about tattooing to thank. It’s a popular subculture they can easily take advantage of and they’ll continue to rape it into the ground (yep, inventing new phrases over here) until the last douchebag with a neck and hand tattoo have bought the last machine off of Ebay for $50. Do the right thing, and do not support this show, or, better yet, do not support TLC. I thought they were pushing it with LA/NY Ink, but this is a whole new low. And it’s why everyone is going absolutely apeshit over it, instead of simply turning a blind eye.

Blood-sucking, parasitical pimps that look for the easiest thing to exploit. Tattooing, little people, mental illness.. 

Sign the petition or just look on fb for the many groups opposing the show. I can’t imagine there not being an actual protest at this point.

And of course, the “award-winning” “teacher” has no tattoos. The “student tats” page is by far the best on the site.

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