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Silver Dagger

July 7, 2011


Just a couple of good things.

First, was recently introduced to Gillian Welch’s music and her new album, The Harrow and the Harvest, is good stuff.

Second, since we’re on the topic of music, my good buddy Dave the Wave, insisted I humor him and read this interview from The Believer with Trey Anastasio from Phish. And you should, too. Now, I am not a fan of Phish. Their music simply does not resonate with me and I cannot identify with it, try as though Dave has time and time again to get me on board the tie-dyed hippie love boat. Worse, much like the following of other bands, the Phish following inspires nothing but contempt from me. Because I am human. BUT, good readers, this is a great interview. And it got us talking. Because the subject matter is kind of terrifying, in a way. Because music, scales, all of that, Pythagoras and his buddy philosophers wer wrapping all of it into their world/cosmic view ages ago — and to think that we are basically these channels that can tap into the universe through music is nuts… and then to think that we as humans can create music is something I almost can’t think about, because it’s kind of like the ultimate convergence of existences on multiple planes. And it makes me think I have no business ever trying to make music ever again. So, kudos to Mr. Anasatasio for inspiring that kind of dialogue. I’m sure Dan Higgs would love to be part of the conversation.. though I can’t say I identify very much with his “hmmms” and “haaaaas” and joyful noise making either.

Lastly, since we’re on the topic of human experience and collective unconscious, I found this swastika site through Mel Noir’s blog. I was also discussing this on Saturday with Mr. Robinson, who makes pretty paintings that sometimes incorporate the design. Which pops up around the globe throughout our entire human history. And what’s crazier, is that it’s found in so many indigenous cultures independently of one another and usually carries a mystical meaning. No doubt why it was adopted by a certain mass murderer (who was also obsessed with the occult). It’s a great site, though, so check it out.

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  1. July 8, 2011 9:43 pm

    Thanks for linking to my blog again, mate! 🙂 This week I’ll hopefully be finishing this feature on the swastika (after too much time researching, haha!), so if you’re interested I’ll send you some of it to check out! Ended up making friends with Man Woman while I was writing this, and he’s really helped out, so it should be impressive (I hope, anyway!).

  2. gougetheeyes permalink*
    July 8, 2011 9:50 pm

    Of course! And awesome!

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