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July 7, 2011

Right, so the original reason for my renewed interest in keeping this here blog going was to light a fire under my ass and get me working. Can’t remember if I was still unemployed, but I do remember writing a rant after our place got robbed and basically forcing my head up. And now I’m out of the construction game (ok, light construction game) and back into an office, leading the envied life of a copywriter. I’m working. So I got that goin’ for me.

And, since getting my ass in gear, I’ve also been trying to separate myself from the whole tattoo tabloid game. Unsuccessfully, I might add. But there is some small degree of joy in simply going to work, coming home, and having that be that. I get free time and I can choose to leave my work at work and have my home be my home. Still have this uneasy feeling, though, that I’m supposed to be doing something else, or be doing more. Or something.

Anyway, the above NC Winters’ print “Wisdom of the Llama” has been making the rounds, and I actually considered buying it for my dad if I thought he’d put it up. Get one here if they’re not sold out yet.

Started reading 1984 again. My copy is, I think, the one I read in 8th or 9th grade. Looks like somebody might’ve dropped it in the toilet. Though I don’t ever remember dropping any book in the toilet, ever. Maybe I was just really sweaty that summer or something. 1984 was one of the first books I remember actually liking. It was an adult book, with adult subject matter and I figured the adults must’ve made a mistake assigning the thing because it only confirmed that my societal fears were obviously going to come true.

Got Joe Truck’s interview recorded, so I need to start transcribing the thing and rewriting the intro piece to it. Should be good. We got into it a little bit over email, but that’s the problem with email, that you’re not actually talking to the person and a lot can get lost. Sorry, Joe! But we’re on the same page now, and I’m still happy to help out and promote the shit outta him. I guess this is a nice perk of not needing the work to put food in my mouth, that I can choose what I do and do it to help someone out who sought me out specifically. That, or I’m just a sucker.

So I suppose this update is my way of staying busy. Clogging up the Internet with my “look at me”s that might spur me on to keep working outside of work. Which I know I said I didn’t really want to do anymore, but it’s that nagging feeling. If only Carl Spackler were around.

In related news, my coffee cup lid this morning is the one with the bear, so kind of pumped to draw on it later. Poor bear dude actually has a number stamped on his forehead……….. Work Camp Bear.

Almost forgot — last weekend I was finally tattooed by the good Mr. Bailey Hunter Robinson. Bailey actually tattooed me many years ago when he was working at Hold Fast near the water, which was owned by Chops. I couldn’t imagine a much better Saturday afternoon. Some orange juice, some conversation, tattooing a big burly buffalo head on my shin with a skull underneath. I brought him some fruit, which –– after he got over that it wasn’t strawberries –– he was pretty pumped for. I’ll post something up when it’s all done, but I will say that it’s probably the greatest tattoo of a buffalo that’s ever been done in the history of tattooing. Bailey is absolutely hilarious and a perfect gentleman and anyone who thinks otherwise is.. well, kind of an idiot. He did this gigantic American Indian backpiece, which I bet is even crazier in person.

And then the lady and I went down to the shore for some good old fashioned hangouts. And checked out Asbury Park, too, where there are incredible antique stores that make me want to spend thousands of dollars. And one day I will. We found a Life magazine from 1960(?) with Haley Mills on the cover for Oren. He’ll lose it, he loves that dame!

Ok, that’s it. Whew. Thanks for reading, pals.



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