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Unbridled Enthusiasm

June 23, 2011

Billy Mumphrey, not me.

The biggest issue I take with the Internet –– other than having to capitalize the word “Internet” — is all the self-aggrandizing, self-important, constant self-publishing and ego stroking. Makes me want to punch. But yeah, the Internet is helpful, it’s changed the way we work and live and fine, it makes life easier. But one day soon, I imagine I’ll delete my facebook and this wordpress and feel a lot better about life in general.

Pythagoras. Why not.

Until then, I’ll add to the ever-growing collective ego bubble, sticky with everyone’s.. fleeting self worth. So a few updates, since I guess I am back to blogging in my regular way (irregularly). First, it looks like I’m getting sucked back into the world of tattoo writing, which I posted up quick in the previous entry here, for the good Mr. Joe Truck. Without getting too weird about it, it feels almost like the universe is forcing me to straighten out my timeline. I stepped off the “tattoo writing” path because it didn’t feel right, and then out of the blue I get a little opportunity to help a buddy that I want to take. And then a couple other folks start poking around. It’s interesting. I feel that shelving the book was the right decision but it seems something keeps pulling me towards something here. And nothing happens overnight. But sometimes it seems like you can catch the faintest glimpse of your own trajectory…somehow. Just don’t try to think about it or analyze it, or you’ll lose it, or end up drinking too much.

Little skull guy by Ron Wells

Second, in direct contradiction to my “go big or go fuck yourself” rule with future tattoos, I got tattooed by the good Mr. R.H. Wells the other week. Ok it was more like a month ago. Did this little skull and rose guy on my left wrist. Awful picture, apologies. I knew I’d wanted a skull there to complement the one living on my right wrist by the world-renowned Mr. Dave Wallin (which I just tried to take a picture of and can’t). So, thank you Ron, I have plans for a gigantic one from you but it’ll have to wait til after I get hitched.

Third, getting hitched. I’m terrible at doing most anything that involves doing stuff. Gotta get my tux, and I’ve been procrastinating so I made an appointment for Saturday to start trying on some suits and attempt to look dapper. What’ll most likely happen is I order one online and get it tailored.

Fourth, just finished Suttree by Cormac McCarthy. Still prefer his westerns, but it’s unsettling how much I can identify with Suttree, a voluntarily poor, somewhat transient, well-meaning guy who seems to be an unintentional alcoholic. It’s pretty good though, but make sure your thesaurus rex is on hand.

That’s it for now, suckers, thanks for reading, friends.

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  1. June 23, 2011 6:11 pm

    Pat, are you the male version of me? I’m pretty sure I’ve come out with statements like your whole first paragraph many a time before- especially having to capitalise the word “Internet”! What’s that all about? I want to delete Facebook, but not many people want to communicate through emails or even (gasp!) letters these days. I might just start writing to prisoners when I want to waste some time talking to someone.

    I’m glad you’re getting pulled closer to our side of tattooing once again, mate! We need writers like you (y’know, ones who know how to write and give a shit about tattooing? They’re rare). I also love the new tattoo- I think small tattoos are brilliant sometimes. 🙂

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