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January 21, 2011

“The provisions of the “meal” having been supplied, one final aspect of the story needs to be represented: the twelve baskets used by the 12 disciples to collect what is left over. This is represented by drawing the perfectly symmetrical 12-fold flower design in the upper circle. This is accomplished by drawing 12 arcs with a compass, set at the original size of the three primary circles. Each arc has a measure of 74 units. Therefore, the total measure of the arcs making up the pattern in the circle is 74×12, or 888, and 888 is the number of JESUS, the early Christian representation of the extratemporal Celestial Word––the Logos, personified as teacher, leader, shepherd, and provider of sustenance.”

“…in the same way that the story-book Jesus nourishes the crowd of five thousand in a strictly literal reading of the text, so too does the Celestial Logos –– the gnostic, cosmological Jesus — eternally “sustain” the harmonic form of the created order.”

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