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19 Days

November 17, 2010

That’s how long it took Mickey Spillane to write I, the Jury. 19 DAYS! Not bad for a Brooklyn-born son of a bartender who was raised in Elizabeth.

I started getting into detective/crime/pulp novels, first with Raymond Chandler, then Jim Thompson on the other end and some modern stuff from Out of the Gutter in between. Still a lot to learn and read, but I just got this first Spillane volume of Mike Hammer stories and it rules.

Spillane’s writing is direct and tough and a more rugged alternative to the more polished world of Chandler/Hammett. I love Marlowe… but I find it’s easier to identify with Mike Hammer; he’s quick to anger and quick to have a drink and has a weakness for women and hard luck stories. He’s a tactless, suit-wearing bull in a china shop. There are some good lines but he’s less slick and more fists. He’s tougher and really gets beat to hell. I only wish I could get some original cover art like this.

Just finished My Gun is Quick. Good stuff.

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