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Show Etiquette

October 11, 2010

Wanda was fantastic. The crowd should be ashamed of themselves.

I think the last show I walked out of was Nada Surf but that was mostly because it was at Terminal 5 and we were more interested in finding a bar with better music (and it’s possible I was convinced from the band’s performance they were bunch of insecure egomaniacs). Other than that, I can’t remember when I walked out of a show.

And who figured it would be a Wanda Jackson show. She was fantastic, just as good as last time. But the crowd…this unbelievable crowd; a bunch of blouse-wearing, frat boys, newly-guidoed because that’s what everyone has learned makes you successful and attractive, then you’ve got your handful of die-hard “pin-up” girls who were more into mimicking surf style dances than actually listening to the music, the middle-aged, quasi-country, meth-faced folks talking and looking around at the crowd, which includes the 6’5” bleached blonde cowboy with face tattoos who pushed to the front because he needed to be directly in front of me — nice bedazzled skull shirt, pardner. And what in the hell are you looking back at the crowd for?

I’m not a big mover during any show but we decided to move to the back because it was unberable. Navigating a crowd can be tough, but the general rule has always been the shoulder touch. Give a light touch on the shoulder, say “Excuse me,” and the other person tries to accomodate you by moving a couple inches, which usually lets you squeeze by. But everyone was oblivious. This wasn’t a big venue, it’s not like we had a train of a dozen people pushing through to the front. There were two of us, trying to get to the back. And these idiots chose to ignore the polite tap, chose to brush off the “Excuse me.” So we pushed through.

Now in the back, it couldn’t be helped that tall dudes would be standing in front of us. They were following the generally accepted rules and so it goes. But then the talking. Everyone is talking. Loudly. Talking over this woman’s amazing stories about her first album cover, her time touring with Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis. Takling over her experience with Jack White. Hey, there’s a noisy bar right on the other side of the soundproofing, rude idiots.

We couldn’t handle it so we left. What’s weird is that it was a completely different crowd than last time. The last show was amazing and was one of the best and most positive show experiences. Wanda also likes to get in her two minutes of letting everyone know about her experience with God and JC, letting the world know she’s into it and to love your neighbor. Our friends who stayed told me she got booed. How do you BOO Wanda Jackson?

Anyway. I figure I’ve got another five years or so before I turn into a complete hermit. Movies have already been stricken from my list of acceptable activities, unless they’re early shows and the movie has been out for a few weeks, and now shows are about to get crossed out. I refuse to walk down Bedford (though I don’t think that counts for much). If I moved to Montana, what could I do there? Suggestions, please.

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  1. October 25, 2010 4:21 pm

    She got BOOED!?!?!? I’m really glad we didn’t stay cause I would have lost it.

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