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Si, claro

August 5, 2010

Since we’re on the subject of learning to listen, I figured it’d be a good enough time as any to admit I got a little overzealous with a certain post last year about a certain lady tattooer, we’ll call her Hijack Katherine, on a certain blog to which I contribute. I’d met her, I’d chosen to believe the boys club was keeping her at arm’s length because it was simply that and I’d figured she’d blazed some kind of female tattoo trail.

But the more I learned and the more I listened and the more I caught what others weren’t saying, I realized I came off looking like another fool who bought into her stories. The ones that always change just slightly. The ones that you can never seem to validate. The ones that don’t exist when you hear 100% of other folks talk about ’em. So. Taking some recent advice about having two ears and one mouth and learning to listen.

Mostly, I’m asking for you to let me slide on that one. I didn’t know any better. That damn lady was tricky. So here’s a Dr. Lakra lady, who is probably twice as legit. And who probably doesn’t make stuff up. Because she’s not real.

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