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It’s always lightest before the dark

June 24, 2010

“Out here you say yes ma’am and no ma’am to anything with skirts on; anything white, that is. Out here, if you catch a man with his pants down, you apologize…even if you have to arrest him afterwards. Out here you’re a man, a man and a gentleman, or you aren’t anything. And God help you if you’re not.”

– pg. 8

“I’ve loafed around the streets sometimes, leaned against a store front with my hat pushed back and one boot hooked back around the other––hell, you’ve probably seen me if you’ve ever been out this way––I stood like that, looking nice and friendly and stupid, like I wouldn’t piss if my pants were on fire. And all the time I’m laughing myself sick inside. Just watching the people.”

-pg. 121

“T-tell you somethin’,” he said. “T-tell you somethin’ I bet you never thought of.”


“It’s––it’s always lightest j-just before the dark.”

Tired as I was, I laughed. “You got it wrong, Bob,” I said. “You mean––”

“Huh-uh,” he said. “You got it wrong.”

-pg. 85

“Yeah, I reckon that’s all unless our kind gets another chance in the Next Place. Our kind. Us people.

All of us that started the game with a crooked cue, that wanted so much and got so little, that meant so good and did so bad. All us folks. Me and Joyce Lakeland, and Johnnie Pappas and Bob Maples and big ol’ Elmer Conway and little ol’ Amy Stanton. All of us.

All of us.”

-pg. 244

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