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Christ Enthroned Icon

June 4, 2010

Another icon. I could look at icon art all day long if I had all day to look at it. So here’s a good one, the Christ Enthroned design. I really love the filigree in the rays of light and robes, and the angels coming through the background on this one.

From Icons and Saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church:

The image of the Savior Enthroned is of Byzantine origin and dates from the centuries prior to the Iconoclast controversy… The subject derives from a variety of sources: Isaiah’s vision of the Lord enthroned among seraphim (6:1-4); the vision of Ezekiel where the Lord is surrounded by the four creatures (1:4-28); and the vision of John in which a rainbow of light surrounds Christ on his throne (Rev. 4:2-9).

The inscribed letters, IC XC, are the initials of Jesus Christ. The three Greek letters on the halo with cross stand for “I am that I am,” the worlds with which God revealed himself to Moses on Mt. Sinai (Ex. 3:1-4). AT BOTTOM OF IMG — The wheels of fire with eyes and wings mentioned by Ezekiel (1:15-21) and the asymmetrical positioning of the Lord’s feet produce an effect of rotating movement underscored by the curbed line of the throne above.

A couple more. I also really like how the focus changes with each interpretation. In this next one, a much bigger emphasis is put on the creatures of the apocalypse (angel, eagle, lion, ox), interpreted as symbols of the four evangelists.

That’s all I got for now. Thanks, P.

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  1. June 10, 2010 2:19 pm

    Loving these! Especially the 3rd one!

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