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I know I’m not your type

May 8, 2010

Matt Sharp made Weezer and that’s my final answer. Anyway, summer hasn’t technically arrived yet, but there’s some really sweet things happening this summer. Summer.

A while back I met all the extremely fine folks over at King’s Ave Tattoo, Rubendall’s shop over in Long Island, and will have interviews coming out in a summer issue of Tattoo Master. It’s pretty rad the magazine asked me to do it and it’s even more of a compliment that everyone –– including Grez! –– agreed to do the interviews. I can’t stress enough how nice and humble and just generally decent all the guys are over there. Mike had zero ego and made me happy to be alive. And a special thanks to Eric, shop dude extraordinaire, who helped orchestrate the whole thing. Photo pal Chris Montgomery snapped some really great shots, too. Chris is awesome and is also an extremely decent fellow.

Up top is a couple shots Chris took but we’ll save the really good ones for publication. Let you know when that happens. Chris rules.

Thanks for reading along, P.

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