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Hey angel, fly over

April 17, 2010

This weekend’s off to a pretty righteous start. This afternoon, my pal and yours, Andy Perez, put on the outline + black to a rock of ages design on my side. I squirmed and gasped a bit through the outline, but luckily our friend Mr. Bactine made an appearance and the rest went pretty smoothly.

Listen up, fools, Andy’s gettin’ better and better, so it’s in your interest to go get tattooed by him, posthaste. Look at that damn thing!

Days like this, I really love being able to live here. Walk to my corner store, visit Andy’s Olde Tattoo Emporium, meet folks for dinner in the city, then head back to the burg for whatever shenanigans are going on tonight. Don’t worry. I’ll have a rant ready by Monday about how much I hate this damn place.

Thanks for reading, go get tattooed. Thanks a ton, Andy!


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