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All the Pretty Horses, again

February 27, 2010

I’m sure there are many books I should be reading for the first time, but I’m starting Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy for the second time. McCarthy is probably  my favorite writer and if you haven’t read anything by the man, he’s got plenty and varied novels for you to get your hands on.

Blood Meridian is possibly my favorite; it’s dense but short, brutal and casually savage and’s got more symbols and metaphors than you can shake a tree branch festooned with baby corpses at. It’s one of those books you want to get some sort of study guide for and go back over the chapters again and again. Oh look, here’s one. No Country for Old Men is what got me started. I’m almost ashamed I’d not read anything previous. It runs like the film and I love pretty much everything about everything in this one. Child of God is creepy and slightly terrifying. The Road is all anxious and your view is hemmed in and the father/son relationship is heart-wrenching and wonderful.

But the Border Trilogy (All the Pretty Horses, The Crossing and Cities of the Plain) is one of those collections that you want to read with scotch and some smokes. And when you put it down, you just kinda sit there, hunched forward and blank-faced. Pretty sure I like each of the novels of the trilogy the same, but for different reasons.

So. Read this Wall Street Journal interview on The Road. If it doesn’t at least pique your interest in Mr. McCarthy, then you have no soul and we’re no longer pals.

Here’s a much longer and equally fantastic one from Rolling Stone. If your interest is piqued and if we’re still friends. It’s the best ten to fifteen minutes you’ll spend reading anything on the internet.

Also, do not watch Billy Bob’s atrocity of a movie, All the Pretty Horses. Jason Bourne could not help this film, try though he might.

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