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No shirts, no camera, no problem

February 18, 2010

I don’t know where the shirts part came from. I have plenty of shirts. Always seems like there’s a lot going on, but I still haven’t been able to replace my point-and-shoot so as far as internetting goes, this is turning into quite the failure of a blog. Fail blog. Only different.

Last minute last Thursday the good dude Andy Perez tattooed me. Apparently, he’s only allowed to tattoo skulls and daggers on me. Andy rules. Last weekend we (not me and Andy) went upstate to hang out in the woods and build fires. I’d have taken pictures but Britt was sick and no one brought a camera. Jenn and I went through a bottle of Glenlivet Saturday, so maybe it’s best no cameras were around.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and I realized it was 12:15 and actually made it over to St. John the Baptist on 30th. I love this place. It’s run by the Capuchins and they’ve got a shrine to Padre Pio. A few months ago I was actually able to briefly meet one of the friars there who had known Pio. The place was surprisingly full and not just with homeless folks. Afterwards, I wolfed down lunch back at Greeley and fought with the tile/plumbling/hot water heaters there. And a neverending loop of people opening the door and asking if the bathroom was really closed. Even though there are two signs on the door that say CLOSED. I don’t get people most times.

That’s all for now. Friday  night I’m working on a project but if I mention it, it’ll blow up in my face, so you only get a teaser. It’s not a big deal, but I’ve jinxed things before.

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