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These Idle Hands, etc..

December 10, 2009

No ranting, no rambling, nothing halfway angsty or moving this time, just wanted to do a little post so I feel productive.

Earlier this week, Heeb ran a nice and profane little interview I did with kerin.rose, bedazzler to the stars. Kerin is rad, in every sense of the word. They took out my witty little intro (ok, it was long) about how she’s a combo Peg Bundy/Ziggy Stardust/Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling type who can speak just as articulately about Black Flag as she can about Afrika Bambaataa. Kerin is also super smart. I think it comes through in the interview and I can’t wish her enough success.

The new issue of Inked is out, too, and I’ve got a couple of things in that. The first is their travel page, where I reconnected with Noon and he told me about catacombs, sex museums, etc. Good stuff. The second, they really hooked up with some rad illustrations by Michael Miller. It’s basically an “advances in tattoos” type of piece, though less on the technical side, more on the “hey, isn’t this neat” side. It looks amazing and makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

I’ve also been talking with the guys at Tattoo Master about some upcoming stuff but I won’t spoil the surprise/jinx myself and end up with nothing. Which will now, of course, happen. It’s really strange how things can change from one week to the next. Not gonna get all philosophical here, but things are lookin up and I’m pretty fine with that. Next up, apartment search.

ALSO, there’s a party tonight at the shop, free beer! Huge artwork! So come out. Drink a beer (no mystery beer this time, PBR and High Life, plus red and white wine) and tell me I’m doing something somewhat decent with myself these days. And compliment me on my haircut. Or else.

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