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The Taxman Cometh.

November 18, 2009

And by taxman, I mean CPA, and by CPA I mean the good kind; one who will hopefully get me sorted this year for taxes so I won’t end up owing the government a pound of my flesh stuffed with hundos on a mound of Sacajawea dollar coins. So I’ve got a meeting tomorrow with a guy who comes highly recommended: “He’s gotten my cousin out of some serious shit!” And who am I to argue with that kind of finagling?

A bit more pressing is my interview with Bowery Stan that I’ve gotta edit and clean up a bit before I can turn it in tomorrow. In related news, Heeb magazine asked me (after I suggested it to them) to write up a piece on righteous pal and bedazzler to the stars, Kerin Rose. I’ve caught up on a bunch of other stuff (see: buying pants for the first time in over a year) and for the first time in a while feel really energized. Not necessarily when I get up in the morning, but after those first four cups of coffee, I feel all awake and focused, like something is blocking my sleep receptors… But aside from the coffee, I feel like I’m working towards something, no matter how convoluted the path to some blurry future may look, like I’m working and maybe that’s enough, maybe there’s a happiness in doing.

That there photo up top is from The Selvedge Yard. It’s got a pretty unbelievable collection of various old photos: bikes, tattoos, Alice Cooper, Gary Cooper, Elvis, Life magazine, watches. Go look at it. It’s one of the better things to ever utilize the internet –– that’s right, I’m looking at you, twitter. I chose that photo because sometimes I love this country a ton. Maybe that love will convince the government to take fewer monies.

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