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Sign said triple-x but they were talkin’ ’bout root beer.

November 11, 2009

11641_666749786105_18403609_38867344_6048531_nIt’s been a dudes kinda week so far. This past weekend I went upstate with a handful of friends where we built fires, played baseball and drank beer. It was almost like an over-assertion of our collective masculinity, but we had Ralph the dog to keep us in check and I’m pretty sure at least a couple comments were made on the pleasant weather and stunning leaves.

11047_204027122515_587927515_4272261_1269339_nToday, myself and a couple friends went and got haircuts and the two of us that are not skilled tattooers got tattooed by the one that was, Mr. Andy Perez. There was pizza and exactly three beers. I’ll be tossing somethin’ up on N+S about it tomorrow morning if I can figure out a good way to tie it all in to old New York tattooing/barber shops without sounding too nerdy/sad. In the meantime, I’ll steal one of Leahy’s photos from the weekend and call it a night. And let this righteous skull on my calf heal up.

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