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Head Up

October 28, 2009


Since this here blog used to be my website catch-all and since I now have a website (which I still need to update with a bunch of stuff and which I’m still not happy enough with to start spreadin’ around town), Gouge doesn’t have much purpose. So after a few minutes of thought, and thanks to Chris “Mr. L.A.” Blumberg, I suppose it could be worthwhile to make it the home to some of my writing. Not the tattoo-related stuff, not the stuff I get a trickle of checks for, but the short, non-fiction nonsense that I work on occasionally. I’m not really trying to drum up interest here, so I probably won’t be throwing up links all over facebook or anything, but hopefully it’ll be a driving force and if I can do it regularly enough something halfway decent’s bound to come out of it. Right? Right. And I’m sure I’ll do plenty of ranting and raving. Thanks for reading.

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