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Inherited ideas are a curious thing…

September 21, 2009


An update, of sorts. Headed to Mystic, CT this weekend for a little sea air and relaxation and just booked a week next month down in New Orleans (the photo above is from the trip last year). But there’s always plenty of things I feel like I should be doing. There’s a never ending list of names I need to get to and interview for N+S, many of which, of course, are here in NYC, and many of which I feel like are just as much for me as the blog.

Finished up Joe Mitchell’s Up in the Old Hotel, and, regardless of your geographic location or interest in NYC, is a book I think everyone should read. It’s full of Mitchell’s stories from his days as a newspaperman and writer for the New Yorker from the 30s through 60s and bursting with histories of fisherman, Mohawk riveters, gypsies and Bowery drunks. Now, on to Moby Dick, since I’ve never read it; Mystic should be a good spot for that. That’s all for now, most likely. Thanks, P.

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